Miriam Unsworth

Miriam UnsworthThe wonderful thing about our trustees - apart from their amazing commitment - is the diversity of their backgrounds, Miriam Unsworth shares a little about her life that is a case in point. (She loves Italian food too.):

"Although working as a freelance coach tour driver, my background is in Human Resources and training.  I started my  journey in the HR office at Sainsbury's, then went on to achieve my NVQ assessors qualification.  This took me to working freelance for the PFA and taught NVQ sport to professional football apprentices at different football clubs in the North of England.

Whilst doing this I then studied for a teaching certificate and took my YMCA gym instructors qualification which then enabled me to go on to teach BTEC sport science in the football clubs.  As well as teaching I did a lot of NVQ assessing in leisure centres all over the country.

This in turn led to a job offer as HR manager for the leisure side of DeVere Hotels which I did for many years before deciding to go back to my first love of tour driving, which I still do today."

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