The trustees

Wigan Deanery Trust is governed by a group of seven trustee/directors, supported by two associate trustees who bring specific professional skills. The trustees are:

  • Bishop Cyril Ashton (Chair)
  • Lesley Hughes (Vice Chair)
  • Miriam Unsworth
  • Joan Roberts
  • Kathleen Moran
  • Jane Moore
  • Andrew Thurston
  • Gary Speakman (associate trustee)
  • Jonathan Chadwick (associate trustee)

The day to day work of the trust is led by Stephen Southern, Core Services Manager, and the Vice Chair acts as the key point of contact to the trustee body.

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Cyril Ashton - Chair
Bishop Cyril Ashton

Lesley Hughes - Vice Chair
Our wonderful Vice Chair

Joan Roberts
Joan Roberts - Trustee Profile

Kathleen Moran
Kathleen Moran - Trustee Profile

Miriam Unsworth
Miriam Unsworth - Trustee Profile

Jane Moore
Jane Moore - Trustee Profile

Andrew Thurston
Andrew Thurston - Trustee Profile

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