About the trust

Wigan Deanery Trust was formed in April 2019, to partner with Church Wigan (Wigan’s Anglican churches) and others to provide support for those in need in the Borough of Wigan.

We are a Charitable Trust and a Company limited by Guarantee, led and managed by a board of Trustees. In addition to supporting the social action work of our church partners, the Trust provides a full range of centralised administrative services to Church Wigan to free up the time of clergy and others to focus sharply on community action, responding to need and building ‘coalitions of goodwill’.

Our Vision – believing in Wigan

Our vision is to work with others to improve the lives of the people of Wigan through social action. We firmly believe in the people of Wigan and what they have to offer, and we want to give folks a helping hand whenever they need it. In local ‘speak’, we aim to give people a ‘lift’ – for example, a lift out of food poverty, financial hardship, debt and grief, hence the name of our social justice ministry - 'Lifted'. We also have a particular heart for young people in Wigan and a passion to see them flourish.

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