About the trust

Wigan Deanery Trust was formed in April 2019, to support Church Wigan (Wigan’s Anglican churches) and other partners in their goal to re-orientate church and revive communities in the Borough of Wigan. The trust’s support work is constantly widening, and we aim to begin offering support other local charities over the coming year.

As both a charity and a company limited by guarantee, we are governed by our charitable aims, and our memorandum and articles. Those set out very clearly that the chief goal of the trust is...

...to further or benefit the residents of the Borough of Wgan and Leigh without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, rellgious or other opinions by associating together the said residents and the local  authorlties, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.

In other words, we're all about building up the effectiveness of local charities, and building 'coalitions of goodwill' to see that every Wiganer flourishes. That's a great goal, shared by Christians and non-Christians alike, but it resonates strongly with the statement of Jesus that he wants everyone to experience "abundant life".

Building on that foundation, our charitable objects lay out a range of areas where can bring that vision to reality, by:

  • addressing health issues

  • supporting churches of all shades to meet spiritual needs and physical needs alike

  • binding up the wounds of the grieving

  • supporting those in financial hardship, especially asylum seekers and refugees

  • fighting against social exclusion – whatever the cause – and for social cohesion.

No single charity or institution can do more than scratch the surface alone, but it's a simple fact that together we can do more, and with practical support behind them, front-line workers can begin to make the vision real. That's Wigan Deanery Trust's real reason for being. We believe in the people of Wigan, we support our local Council in Wigan, we believe in the possibilities for Wigan. That's why we describe Wigan Deanery Trust quite simply as 'Believing in Wigan'.

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