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Next Generation Team

At the core of our mission is a genuine concern for the youth of Wigan. Through our dedicated Next Generation team, established in August 2020, we've been actively engaged in high schools, churches and local communities, working to empower young minds and cultivate positive change. Our Brighter School of Discipleship offers leadership training, with graduates making impactful contributions abroad and fostering community and reducing social isolation locally. In September 2021 WDT took a bold step by employing a full-time, trained Counsellor at a local high school. This pilot programme, fully funded by WDT, and integrated into the School’s Wellbeing and our Next Generation teams has proven immensely successful, providing targeted support with a specialisation in trauma counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The impact has been profound, underlining the urgent need for expanded counselling services.

The Next Generation Team is made up of a Project Lead, Youth Mission Enablers and a school counsellor who work closely with the Team Rector (Anglican church) and Wigan Deanery Trust trustees. The team also works interdenominational with other churches and mission partners and closely with local primary and high schools.

This team only exists thanks to grants from the Strategic Development Fund, the Benefact Group, Garfield Weston, Way Foundation, local businesses and partnerships with high schools. We are actively seeking further funding to enable this most important work to continue. 

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